December Forum

International Macro

Dec 6-7

Workshop on Financial Stability

Dec 8-9

Economic History

Dec 8-9

Towards Sustainable Growth

Dec 10

Growth and Development in Macroeconomics / International Trade

Dec 16-17

September Forum

LACEA Health Economics Network

8-9 SEP

LACEA Labor Network

13-14 SEP

LACEA NIP Inequality & Poverty

15 SEP

Workshop on Industrial Organization

16-17 SEP

LACEA Impact Evaluation Network 

20-21 SEP

LACEA Workshop on the Economics of Crime

20-21 SEP

LACEA-EHN Workshop on Historical Development

22 SEP

WELAC (LACEA) Workshop on Gender Inequality

23 SEP

RIDGE/LACEA-PEG Workshop on Political Economy 

23-24 SEP


27-28-29 SEP

Workshop on Public Economics

30 SEP – 1 OCT